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What Golf Club Hits the Ball With the Highest Launch Angle?

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What is launch angle?

Launch angle refers to the take-off angle of a ball. This is measured in degrees.

This can be a valuable concept for golfers to understand as it will help them to make shot selections and understand when to use different clubs.

If you understand how this works then you will be ab better golfer. This is because you can control higher and lower shots, which can help you to better navigate difficult and challenging courses.

It will also allow you to control ball flight and understand distance.

Understanding the launch angle will also allow you to improve your golf strategy, swing, and results.

What Golf Club Hits the Ball With the Highest Launch Angle?

The lob wedge is the club that hits the ball with the highest angle. The loft of a golf club generally determines the launch angle, along with your swing and technique.

This club is usually used to get a result when you are in a tricky situation. Like when you have a tall obstacle in between you and the hole.

What is Loft and Why is it important in golf?

In the most simple of terms, the loft is the angle created by the face of the club and the ground. Each type of club in your bag, from iron to drive will give you a different amount of loft.

The loft of the club will affect two things:

  • How high the ball goes
  • How far the ball goes

The higher the loft the higher it will go, but it will travel less distance. The lower the lower the height will be, but it will generally go further away from you.

Of course, you swing and the way that you attack or the speed with which you hit the ball can affect these things as well.

The club in your bag with the lowest loft is your putter. But that’s not really the type of club we’re talking about. The driver is the club with the lowers loft that you will hit with a full swing.

The driver will usually have a loft of between 9.5 to 13 degrees.

The club in your golf bag with the highest loft will likely be your wedge. This has a loft angle of between 40 and 60 degrees.

Everything else in your bag from irons to other clubs will be somewhere in between. This allows you to control how high and how far you can hit the ball.

What about the launch angle?

The launch angle is determined by both the loft of your club and the angle of your swing. Together these work to affect the flight, how many yards your shot goes, and spin on the golf ball. You can problem-solve and experiment with these to understand how your clubs work and increase your performance on the course.

What types of lofts are there (clubs)?

There are six categories of lofts in your bag. Players are allowed up to 14 clubs in their bag. When picking clubs it’s important for a player to understand loft to get a well-rounded tool.

Driver lofts

Most drivers are designed at around 10 degrees of loft. Beginners will have a higher loft on their driver compared to more advanced golfers. These clubs hit the ball far. So don’t use them to get over a tree that’s right next to you, it won’t work!

Wood lofts

There are a number of woods but the most common ones will have a loft of around 14 degrees. These are used to hit a low shot with low loft that will travel further. They are a great tool to add to your game.

Hybrid loft

When learning to play golf a hybrid club can be useful. They have a loft between the driver and the wedge.

Iron loft

There are eight types of iron in the sport of golf. And our suggestion would be to keep many of these in your bag. Even if you’re not an expert at golf there is a huge range of loft here, and it will help you reach a level of golf perfection. They usually have a range between 18 to 42 degrees.


Wedges are great to make the ball land flat with limited spin. They are also great to get over obstacles and a problem that you will encounter on the course. They will get you close to the target and improve your short game. The pitching wedge is around 46 degrees, through to the lob wedge which is 60 degrees.

Putter loft

These range from 3.5 to 4.5 degrees of loft.

Which is best?

It depends on a lot of things. Such as where you are in your golf development journey and the type of shot you need to play.

You will have to review the situation that you are in and study how different types of loft affect the distance and change the equation based on this. Make a comparison between different clubs and understand what this does to your shots.

I like to keep a clear idea of what each club does in my mind so that when I’m holding to that club shaft with my hands I can try and get the shot as inch perfect as possible.

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