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Greensomes – The Golf Format Fully Explained

What is greensomes in golf?

This format is very similar to foursomes. There are a few differences to consider that some players believe make it a more enjoyable format.

The main difference is that in greensomes, both players hit a tee shot. The best of these tee shots is selected, and then the players alternate shots until the hole is completed.

You must remember that whoever’s tee shot is the one chosen, the other team member must hit the second shot.

Is greensomes better than foursomes?

Well, it depends on the golfer. I enjoy playing this format as everyone I’m playing with gets to tee off. 

For many golfers, this is one of the most enjoyable parts of getting out on the course, and this format allows everyone to do it.

It also is a more forgiving golf format because the team can choose from two drives, meaning that the chance of an out of bounds shot off the tee is much lower than in foursomes.

How do you win at greensomes?

Again, similar to the foursomes format, a team wins when their opponents can no longer close the gap. 

So if there are two holes remaining and team A is winning by three holes, then team A will win.

How do handicaps work in greensomes?

Handicaps are calculated in the following way for greensomes based on the CONGU guidelines:

It should be 0.4 of the higher player’s handicap along with 0.6 of the higher player’s handicap.

If both handicaps are equal, then it should be half of the combined total.

So let’s say that team A have handicaps of five and seven and team B has a handicap of three and eleven. The handicaps would be the following:

Team A: (0.6 x 7) + (0.4 x 5) = 4.2 + 2 = 6.2 

Team B: (0.6 x 11) + (0.4 x 3) = 6.6 + 1.2 = 7.8

In this game, the difference is 1.8. Team A would round up and give team B two shots.

Are there any other names for greensomes?

Yes actually. You might have heard one of the following names:

  • Candian Foursomes
  • Alternate shot w Select Drive
  • Foursomes with Select Drive
  • Scotch Foursomes

Are there any other variations?

Yes, there is a fun variation of greensomes that is called Gruesomes. And as you can guess, this is a more challenging version.

The rules are the same apart from the worst drive is used instead of the best.

You can even spice it up by letting your opponent choose which one is the worst. 

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